5 Healthy Veggies & Greens To Use In Smoothie

spinach leaves

spinach leaves1. Spinach
Not only is this leafy green vegetable low in fat low in and even lower in cholesterol but its rich in vitamins including: 
Vitamin A and E (which are powerful oxidants)
Vitamin C (Protects you from cardiovascular diseases)
Vitamin K (Necessary for bone health and responding to injuries).

Furthermore Spinach is packed with calcium,iron and thiamine. Just add it up with some blueberries and you have a delicious smoothie.

organic-snow-peas2. Snow Peas
Another green vegetable which is not only nutritious but it adds a lot of bright and crispy flavor to your smoothie. They have great fiber content in them along with Vitamins A and C. But the nutritional punch lies in the fact that its believed that peas reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes and increasing the Omega 3 fats (which is an essential fat which increases your cardio vascular health)

Whether you want to put them in a mixer or just just add them on top, Snow peas serve a great nutritional role.

sweet potato3. Sweet Potato
Don’t be tricked by its name. Even though Sweet Potatoes are… well.. sweet, they have a very low glycemic scale which means you’ll get more energy without getting a spike in your blood sugar. Along with this they are also highly rich in potassium (which aids in nerve conduction and muscle contraction, these 2 functions are critical to your heart beating at a normal rhythm. Potassium also helps in maintaining normal water balance between your cells and body fluids)

All in all, sweet potatoes are a delicious and nutritious filled ingredient to your smoothie.

beets4. Beets
Not only do Beets give you a lovely colour to your smoothie, they also have a great reputation for maintaining your cardiovascular health and increasing your energy due to its high sugar content. Furthermore, they are packed with vitamin C (Good for your heart) and Vitamin A(helps in maintaining a good vision)
Oh and did I forget? They are also high in fiber content therefore reducing the risk of constipation.

But be careful as these guys will leave a stain on the cutting board or your clothes while cutting.

carrot5. Carrots
This should go without saying but carrots are filled with nutritional benefits. Studies show that your cholesterol level drops when you consume carrots regularly. 
They are a great source of potassium which is a vasodilator which increases blood flow.
They have good fiber content therefore helping with digestion.
Beta-carotene is linked to reducing several types of cancer.
Lastly Carrots are packed with vitamin A they are brilliant for your eye sight and they help in preventing conditions like night blindness.


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