5 Reasons to Add Chia Seeds in Smoothies

Chia seeds are one of the best known super foods in the health and nutrition community. They come as a very versatile ingredient that easily adds to recipes. Originally grown in Mexico, their scientific name is salvia hispanica. These seeds are deemed to be nutrient-dense and contain a lot of energy-boosting prowess. For instance, they are found to be an excellent source of phosphorous, omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, magnesium and calcium. 

When chia seeds are soaked in water, they have the tendency to become gelatinous that is why they aid digestion with low glycemic index. Therefore a tablespoon of gelatinous chia seeds mixture can be easily added to a smoothie. Also a smoothie having a mix of chia seeds will definitely pass for an energy-filled breakfast, perfect for a morning workout. Let’s further explore some other health benefits of smoothies furnished with chia seeds. 

Digestive Health
Chia seeds are very rich in fiber, containing about 11 grams of fibre per ounce. And fibre is a necessity for the body’s capability to maintain equilibrium in insulin levels. The super-high fiber content in chia seeds also makes people feel more full faster because it soaks a considerable amount of water and thereafter enlarges in the stomach when taken in. Clinical studies also show that chia curtails hunger and lowers appetite, which can culminate in weight loss.

Combat Diabetes
There have been a number of studies conducted to find out the possibility of chia seeds combating type-2 diabetes. These seeds usually develop a gelatinous coating when mix with liquid and blood sugar increases are likely to be prevented by the gelatinous coating. This is as evidenced by a researched conducted by a group of scientist, diabetes patients who received some doses of chia seeds had their blood pressure reduced by 3-6 mm/Hg and a risk factor known as vWF also went down by 21%.

Boost Energy and Metabolism
A study also concluded that consumption of chia seeds improved exercise performance for workouts for the duration spanning 90 minutes, just the same manner a sugar-filled sports drink would but containing no unhealthy sugar. A tablespoon of gelatinous chia seeds mixture added to a smoothie will help boost body metabolism. Additional study also show that adding chia seeds to the diet, will help reduce visceral adispose tissue.

Build Muscle and Lose Weight
These seeds rank among the best plant-based sources of protein. They are deemed perfect for those who want to burn fat, put on a lean muscle and maintain considerable level of blood sugar. Also chia seeds are filled with energizing antioxidant punch can restore some of those lost nutrients during exercise. Most importantly, they can as well enhance nutrient absorption of electrolytes and prolong hydration. Overall, they help improve body endurance and stamina which is a great way to get in shape.

Heart Health
Chia seeds have the ability to maintain cholesterol, reverse inflammation and reduce blood pressure and this makes them extremely ideal to consume for heart health. When they are regularly consumed, there is a lower risk of developing atherosclerosis because they have the capability to reverse oxidative stress. Also chia seeds are loaded with linoleic acid, that is a fatty acid that assists the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. 

Research and Study Sources

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