Benefits Of Adding Strawberries To Smoothies

If you’ve not been using strawberries, it’s the high time you start. They’re not only delicious, juicy and summery, but also a superfood.

They’re rich in nutrients and well packed with numerous antioxidants. In fact, adding strawberries to smoothie gives you numerous health benefits. Strawberry smoothie has become a household name due to its unlimited health benefits.

Here are health benefits of adding strawberries to smoothies:

1. Heart Protection
Strawberries contain polyphenols and antioxidants thus making them the ideal heart protection food. It protects the heart from various ailments which may pose a health risk to your life.

Anthocyanins, which is abundance in strawberry, protect circulatory system lining, thus guarding the arteries against plaque building – up and regulating the blood pressure.

2. Cancer-Fighting
In fact, there is abundant fiber and vitamin C in strawberries. Both these components have been effective in protecting colon and esophagus cancer.

Ellagic acid which is also found in Strawberries has been tested and proved to be anticancer. It’s believed to prevent skin, bladder, lung as well as breast cancer.

The ellagic acid slows down cancer cells production and destroys some carcinogens types.

3. Blood Sugar Levels Regulation
Strawberry smoothie has antioxidants and ellagic acid which play a big role in slowing starchy foods digestion. Thus, controlling the rising of blood sugar level. Also, it helps people with type 2 diabetes to keep their blood sugar levels in order.

They also contain a low glycemic index, meaning even if individuals suffering from diabetes when they drink a strawberry smoothie, they won’t cause sugar spikes. Also, the presence of fiber in strawberry help in regulating blood sugar levels.

4. Regulate Blood Pressure
As I said earlier, there is the presence of anthocyanins in strawberries. They’re powerful antioxidants elements responsible for relaxing blood vessels lining and opening them up, thus lowering the blood pressure.
Strawberry smoothie also has potassium, a blood pressure controlling nutrient.

5. Cholesterol Fighting
Strawberries contain pectin. Pectin is a soluble fiber which is effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Also, ellagic acid and flavonoids offer antioxidants which help in fighting cholesterol levels thus improving heart health in different ways.

These elements counteract effects of bad cholesterol in the blood as well as offering anti-inflammatory effects which benefit the heart.

6. Weight Loss
Strawberry smoothie is ideal for weight loss. It contains antioxidants as well as ellagic acid which are effective in aiding losing weight.

Also, anthocyanins which are the antioxidants master increases the production of adiponectin hormone in the body. This hormone boosts metabolism at the same time suppressing the appetite and inducing fat burn.

7. Immunity Boosting
Strawberry smoothie has a high concentration of vitamin C. Vitamin C is effective in triggering immune-boosting antibodies thus enhancing infections fighting ability in your body.

This boost your general body health since no infections will make to harm you. More consumption of vitamin C increases immunoglobulin concentration, which is an antibody as well as immune system key component. Strawberries are also effective in Asthma and allergies fighting.

The above-discussed strawberries health benefits are the tip in the iceberg. Health benefits of adding strawberries in smoothies are endless.

However, when you add strawberries in smoothies you’ll get all the above-discussed health benefits.

It’s the high time you start making a strawberry smoothie if you were not making before and you’ll thank me later.

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