Benefits of Adding Wheatgrass to Smoothies

You might be wondering what wheatgrass is, right? Let me start by just letting you understand what it is, I will also be so generous enough to tell you what it really does to your smoothie drinks! First you should have in mind that it is that young grass of a wheat plant as the name suggest! It surely does well in temperate regions in the world. Wheatgrass is actually a natural source of vitamins, calcium and selenium, it’s actually the best entity in your healthy growth!

Have you ever thought what benefit does you earn in adding a wheatgrass in your smoothie drink? Several health importance that a wheatgrass does to your smoothie should never be overlooked! wheatgrass has a distinct taste, it’s only preferably added to a smoothie to erase its distinct taste but the health significance should not be forgotten. It’s really worth noting that a smoothie is any soft drink made of pure fruit or even vegetables using a blender .smoothie blenders comes in different formations but they actually serve almost the same purposes. Let’s now take a look of benefits of adding wheatgrass to smoothies below:

Weight management

Yes! this is an admirable characteristic for those of you who caught issues with their weight management, first you should know that it manages your thyroid gland it also keeps you well maintained by reducing that urge to eat every time.

More oxygen!

You should just be happy that with a wheatgrass, it makes your smoothie to be rich in oxygen, done by the chlorophyll in it! Chlorophyll has been known for its great participation in treating inflammations in your body and also it’s a source of energy! That’s what wheatgrass makes your smoothie to be!

Body cleansing agent

Smoothies have been known to perform some common functions that are easily achieved, but with a wheatgrass in your smoothie, it’s like you have it all in one drink! It should be noted that a wheat grass is rich in minerals such as vitamin B, it also has antioxidant contents and natural antibacterial properties that does many
important functions including the control of stress and depressions, and it also enhances your body’s natural detoxification and finally the cleansing of your teeth because of its antibacterial properties!

Adding wheatgrass to a smoothie is not that easily achieved! It’s a process that might need a little patience enhanced by hard work. Wheatgrass lovers don’t find this a task, they grow the plant themselves or buy a fresh wheatgrass in a grocery. Wheatgrass is juiced first before adding to a smoothie, to achieve this, a normal blender or even a centrifuge cannot easily attained the standards required! Here you will really require a masticating juicer to get things done, smoothie blender might not achieve this quite well. Luckily, we have a powdered wheatgrass. For those who find all this process tiresome you just get yourselves a wheat grass powder and enjoy it’s wonderful and admirable benefits! You can read more about  benefits of wheatgrass here!

To conclude, fun can be found by taking a smoothie drink, but everlasting taste of fun is when you add a wheatgrass to your smoothie! Enjoy this wonderful performance of a wheatgrass flavor!

Wheat Grass Juice Powder, Nature’s Ultimate Healer by Dr. Eric Berg DC

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. does not claim responsibility for this information. 

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