10 Best Smoothie Makers & Blenders for Smoothies 2018

Best Blenders for Smoothies

PAGE UPDATED: 11/27/2018

While most people are reaching for a coffee mug in the morning, I go for my favorite smoothie maker instead. It is hard to beat the nutritional and energy boost that you get from a delicious vegetable and fruit smoothie first thing in the morning. More and more people are joining the smoothie lifestyle to get the vitamins and minerals to improve their health and make them feel great throughout their day.

Smoothies are amazing due to their versatility. You have endless possibilities of flavor combinations and nutritional benefits. People are discovering amazing health benefits after purchasing their own blender for smoothies for home use. When you own your own blender you have complete control over the ingredients, and it costs less than going out and buying smoothies that are packed with added sugar.

Any kitchen blender can make an AVERAGE smoothie. Best blenders for smoothies must be able to handle crushing ice and frozen fruits flawlessly to make smoothie PERFECTION. Let me guide you and show you some of the best smoothie makers currently on the market. 

Our Best 10 Smoothie Blender Picks – Blenders for Smoothies in 2018

#1 Vitamix 5200 (99/100) 

Vitamix 5200

Why its good: Too often we make the mistake of associating newer with better. The Vitamix 5200 blender has actually been around since 2007. The 5200 replaced Vitamix’s previous flagship blender, the 5000. Its been a true and proven workhorse and due to its capabilities and durability it has been the primary blender used in schools that train Chefs world wide. See current price on Amazon.com – Vitamix 5200.

There were significant improvements from 5000 to 5200 and even though there are newer versions such as the Vitamix 7500, I feel in terms of value the 5200 is just right for the average consumer.


WARRANTY: Your Vitamix will be covered under warranty for 7 years. Its a good idea to register your Vitamix online on their website or fill out and mail in a card that comes with your purchase. It is not a requirement but I’ve noticed its much easier to have issues taken care of when your appliance is registered.

POWER:  Aircraft-grade, hardened stainless steel blades are spun by a 1,379 watt (11.5 amp) motor. The combination of two is what makes this Vitamix 5200 the an amazing blender for smoothies.

CONTAINER: Vitamix 5200 comes with a standard 64-ounce BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester. Fancy word for plastic, but trust me this material is much better than glass or stainless steel containers.

CONTROLS: Vitamix 5200 comes with two toggles and a dial. The dial is part of the Variable Speed Control that allows the  blade speeds to range from 11 to 240 mph. One toggle that turns the machine on and off. The last toggle changes from high speed to Variable Speed Control that controls blade speeds with the dial.

CLEANING: Vitamix 5200 is not dishwasher safe. Cleaning is pretty simple, fill it up with warm water and just a drop of dish washer soap and let it blend for 30 seconds.

DURABILITY: All Vitamix blenders are built to last in the USA. I have owned Vitamix 5200 blender for 5 1/2 years without break downs or malfunctions.

SMOOTHIE MAKING QUALITY: (10/10) I have yet to find a blender that even comes close to the texture and smoothie consistency that Vitamix provides. If you want the best smoothie maker and price is not an issue, you will have zero regrets after you taste the smoothies you will be making from home.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER: There are no major issues I’ve experienced with the 5200. The blender while quiet on lower speed settings can get pretty loud in higher speeds depending on what is being blended.

CONCLUSION:There is no debate that the Vitamix 5200 is the best blender for smoothies. Yes it comes with a hefty price tag but very often Amazon.com offers great deals on the Vitamix with $100+ savings.

#2 Blendtec Total Classic (98/100)

Blendtec Total Blender

Why its good: In my eyes there are two major competitors in the full sized blender market. Vitamix and Blendtec have been at it for a very long time to capture market share from one another. Quality wise both make very high quality blenders. Vitamix targets professional Chef’s and Blendtec goes after everyday folks for whom the $400-600 Vitamix  price tags are often a turn off. See current price on Amazon – Blendtec Total.

WARRANTY: Blendtec Total blender gets a 8 year manufacturer warranty. There are only a few brands that provide such an extended warranty on their kitchen blenders. 

POWER: Blendtec Total blender comes with a world class 1,560 watt direct drive motor. This motor is no joke. Have you ever heard of a YouTube show – Will It Blend? Blendtec blenders are tested to their limits by seeing if ridiculous objects like phones, marbles, hockey pucks and other objects survive inside the Blendtec. Watch a few episodes and see why this motor and blade combination is truly world class.

CONTAINER:  A 64 ounce BPA-free square jar that has markings on the front to make measuring out ingredients easier.

CONTROLS: I really prefer the simple switches and dial of the Vitamix 5200. The Blendtec has a LCD screen (shows time left on the automatic blend setting) and a set of buttons for automated blending cycles. The pre-programmed settings include: Smoothie, Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt, Milkshake, Soup, Ice Crush and Whole Juice. 

CLEANING: Due to the electronics in the base of the blender, it is not dishwasher safe. Cleaning it by adding warm water and a drop of dish soap. Use the pulse setting for about 45 seconds and then rinse it out.

DURABILITY: Blendtec are designed and assembled in the USA. I have not experienced any break downs in the 3 years of owning my Blendtec Total.

SMOOTHIE MAKING QUALITY: (9.3/10) The quality and smoothness is not to the level of the Vitamix 5200, but it is almost there. And for the price difference between the two units I’m OK with that.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER: When you compare noise levels between Vitamix 5200 and the Total blender, the Blendtec is could use some improvements in noise reduction. The Blendtec does not come with a tamper for forcing ingredients down. Blendtec’s electrical cord does not retract into its base.

CONCLUSION: Blendtec Total blender is extremely competitive to the Vitamix but at a more manageable price. Blendtec Total blenders used to be much more expensive, I’ve been able to find them through Amazon.com at about $100-150 discount vs buying in stores.

#3 Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 (96/100)

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx

Why its good: Nutribullet Rx is what I personally recommend to people who are not sure if they want a full sized 64 oz blender or a small personal one. You get a 30 oz cup for single serving smoothies, and a 45 oz for larger servings which seems to be the best of both worlds.

WARRANTY: The manufacturer only provides a 1 year warranty on the Nutribullet Rx. It might be a good idea to get additional protection coverage if you choose to purchase through Amazon, protection plans are a very good investment when dealing with expensive appliances with short manufacturer warranties.

POWER: A powerful 1700 watt motor to help you make some silky smooth smoothies. Very close blending consistency to the Blendtec Total.

CONTAINER: Comes with a 30 & 45 oz cups. You also get a Soup making pitcher that works with the Soup Making Mode that the Nutribullet Rx offers. The Soup Making feature comes from the appliances ability to heat the ingredients for 7 minutes that turns your blended ingredients into warm pureed soups, sauces, and dips.

CONTROLS: Using the Nutribullet Rx is simple. Pick your container with ingredients and screw the blade assembly on to the container. You then put the container into the base, no twisting to lock needed. After a second or two the blending process begins and it takes about 1 minute. The machine will vary blending speed at one point of the blending process.

SMOOTHIE MAKING QUALITY: (8.5/10) Great consistency, very close to blend quality of the Blendtec Total blender.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER: Longer warranty would be nice. NutriBullet Rx is pretty loud when used to blend frozen ingredients. No full sized (50 oz +) container.

CONCLUSION: Great blender if you want more blending ability & volume than a single serving blender, but don’t want to buy a full sized kitchen blender. You can usually save around 30% by purchasing from Amazon.

#4 Ninja BL660 Professional (92/100)

Ninja BL660 blender

Why Its good: Ninja BL660 is really good at dealing with blending ice which is important for making smoothies. Many blenders in this price range have issues with ice blending.

WARRANTY: Ninja BL660 blender only comes with a 1 year warranty.

POWER:  This kitchen blender has a respectable 1100 watts of power, enough to manage ice for your frozen drinks and smoothies. I personally think the BL660 does a better job blending than anything else in the under $150 category currently on the market.

CONTAINER: Ninja BL660 comes with a 72 oz capacity pitcher, which is bigger than you would find on majority of the blenders. You also get two 16 oz cups that you can blend in for single smoothie servings and close with to-go lids.

CONTROLS: With Ninja BL660 you get just the basic 3 speeds, pulse, and function for single-serve. 

SMOOTHIE MAKING QUALITY: (8.4/10) What makes this blender one of the best in its price range is the ability to blend ice exceptionally well. Majority of blenders in the $50-100 range usually have issues with ice blending which is crucial for smoothie making. 

WHAT COULD BE BETTER: Noise levels are higher than Blendtec and Vitamix models. Does not handle greens as well as higher end models, if you’re planning into making silky smooth green smoothies consider the Blendtec or the Vitamix. Short 1 year warranty. 

CONCLUSION: If you have just under $150 to spend, the Ninja BL660 is one of the best values for the money blenders in that price range. I have seen this blender sell as low as $100 through Amazon.com.

#5 Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (BL482) (92/100)

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender


WARRANTY: Only 1 year warranty is offered by the manufacturer. Remember to get your extended protection plan if you’re planning to order from Amazon, its worth the few bucks to get it covered for additional few years.

POWER: Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ comes with a 1000 watt motor which is top class for a single serving blender.

CONTAINER: With the Ninja Auto-iQ you receive a 18 oz, 24 oz, and a 32 oz Tritan Nutri Ninja cups and 2 spout lids.

CONTROLS: On the base Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ gets 4 buttons. A start/stop button, pulse, blend, and ultra blend. The difference between blend and ultra blend auto features is the duration.

SMOOTHIE MAKING QUALITY: (8.2/10) Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ impresses with a top class blending smoothness for a single serving smoothie maker.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER: I’d prefer to see longer warranty on this product, especially for its price.

CONCLUSION: The best personal single serving blender you can buy for under $100. I got a great deal on my Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ from Amazon.

#6 Cuisinart CPB-300 (86/100)

Cuisinart CPB300

Why its good: Cuisinart CPB-300 is a sleek and extremely portable smoothie maker at a very appealing price point.

WARRANTY: With the Cuisinart CPB-300 you get a 3 year warranty, very good for a personal serving blender at its price.

POWER: A 350 watt motor is decent for blending up some fresh fruits and vegetables, but it will struggle with ice. 

CONTAINER: You receive a 32 oz cup, 8 oz chopper cup, four 16 ounce cups to be used to take your drinks to-go.

CONTROLS: Really basic interface with 3 buttons including a constant high/low speed and a high/low pulse option.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER: CPB-300 by Cuisinart is a great little personal blender but I wish it could be more efficient at blending ice.

CONCLUSION: Its a great portable unit, would be a good addition for people looking to make single servings of fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies.

#7 Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)  (83/100)

Ninja Master Prep

Why its good: Ninja Master Prep is an extremely easy to use and clean appliance. Comes in at a very good price point for somebody who wants to start making smoothies at home without having to spend over $40.

WARRANTY: Ninja Master Prep has the same 1 year warranty as the Ninja BL660.

POWER: This blender is designed a little bit differently than the rest. Instead of having the blades and the electric motor in the base, what you get is a 400 watt “Power Pod”. Your set of blades goes into the blending jar and then a lid goes over them. The Power Pod sits on top of the lid and inserts into blade splines that go through the lid. There is a safety lock out if the lid is not on correctly, or if the Power Pod is not on all the way that keeps it from turning on.

CONTAINER: You get two blending containers with the Ninja Master Prep. One 48 oz pitcher that you will be using for blending smoothies and a 16 oz chopper bowl. There are two sets of blades that are not interchangeable, each only works with the container its designed for.

CONTROLS: The top of the Power Pod acts as a on/off button when installed onto the lid. Its recommended to blend in pulses of about 5 seconds each and giving the motor few seconds to cool off in between especially if blending hard ingredients.

CLEANING: Cleaning is simple. The Power Pod usually doesn’t need cleaning as it makes no contact with ingredients. Take off the lid and remove the blades to rinse them. Having removable blades makes clean up of the jar very convenient and fast.

DURABILITY: After about 3 years of ownership of the Ninja Master Prep I have not experienced any issues. UPDATE: After almost 4 years of near daily use the Power Pod has officially stopped working. Would I still buy this unit? Of course, the new unit already on its way!

SMOOTHIE MAKING QUALITY: (7.4/10) Ninja Master Prep blender does an OK job, but you will not be getting that smoothness that the Vitamix or Blendtec, or even the Ninja BL660 offers.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER: Longer warranty. Mine was out of warranty by the time the motor stopped working. Not too much disappointment as a new replacement is really cheap and seems like a better deal than dealing with having it replaced under warranty.

CONCLUSION: Ninja Master Prep is an extremely affordable blender to get for somebody looking to start out in smoothie making. Very easy to clean. For a price usually ranging under $35 and could be lower as often seen on Amazon the Ninja Master Prep is an affordable unit that will make OK smoothies.

#8 Epica Personal (80/100)

Epica Personal

WARRANTY: Epica covers this personal blender for full 2 years, great for its low price point.

POWER: Epica personal blender has stainless steel blades with a 300 watt motor. Nothing to really get excited about but it gets the job done.

CONTAINER: Epica blender comes with a 20 ounce to-go mug with a sealable lid with a nice size drinking spout.

CONTROLS: As you can tell from the image this blender only has a on/off button. Nothing wrong with simplicity especially at this very affordable price point.

SMOOTHIE MAKING QUALITY: (7.0/10) Being a 300 watt motor its not great at blending ice or frozen fruit. It does an acceptable job with fresh fruits and vegetables.

CONCLUSION: Cheap and portable unit for people looking to spend around $25.


#9 Hamilton Beach (51103) (74/100)

hamilton beach 51103


Makes quick single serving smoothies: Single touch pulse button lets you make single servings of your favorite smoothies fairly quickly.

Fits great in car cup holders: Finish blending your smoothie, unlock from the motor and take the cup with you, it fits just right in your average cup holders.

Very low cost: Amazon usually sells these for just under $15.

Compact design: Doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen real estate.


Weak motor: 175 watt motor will struggle with ice, it will handle frozen fruit just fine but will have a harder time with ice. 

Smell from motor: As with most lower power motors its easy to over work them which produces a smell.  Even with the pulse setting give your motor a 5 second break every 5 seconds of blending to extend its life.

Spillage from To Go Cups: Cups should be stored upright to avoid spillage of contents.


#10 Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend (72/100)


Why its good: We are ending our top 10 best smoothie blender list with the Oster 250-watt blender, not because of its performance, but for its value. Last time I checked you can get a brand new Oster for under $20.

WARRANTY: Oster BLSTPB-WBL offers an average 1 year limited warranty, which is pretty standard for a blender in this price range.

POWER: A 250-watt motor found in the Oster has to work harder to blend ice and frozen fruit. Prolonged blending of hard materials reduces its lifespan significantly. Always start your blending with quick bursts, and let the blender cool for a few seconds after every 5 seconds of blending to increase its lifespan.

CONTAINER: Oster BLTSPB-WBL only comes with a single 20 ounce (single wall) container, more than enough for a single serve smoothie.

CONTROLS:  Simple single touch blending.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER: Oster My Blend is a great inexpensive personal blender but I wish it could be better at blending ice.

CONCLUSION: Its a great portable unit, would be a good addition for people looking to make single servings of fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies on a budget.


The Benefits Of Owning a Blender in Your Kitchen

The potential benefits of drinking smoothies are possibly endless. All health professionals agree that the most efficient way to eat healthily and reduce body fat is by drinking homemade smoothies. It is well documented that smoothies are an effortless and magical way to lose weight. Equally, they are known to boost digestion. By blending fresh and leafy green vegetables such as celery, spinach or collard, you can create an excellent source of alkaline smoothies that can help counteract the discomfort of heartburn as well as acid influx. What’s more, smoothies are an excellent source of antioxidants. A lot has been said regarding the role of antioxidants in the prevention of cancer, heart diseases as well as other conditions. Finally, vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of nutrients and antioxidants which are all known to boost immunity. Adding some sweet potato to your smoothies does not only make them taste sweet; the beta-carotene they contain is a potent immunity booster.

Apparently, all these reasons prove that a smoothie maker is a must-have kitchenware. If you are a health conscious individual, then you must invest in a high-quality blender. The prospect of having a top-notch blender comes with a number of benefits and can open up a new world of recipes especially for those seeking to make more than just the common protein shakes and smoothies. Below are some convincing reasons why you should add a blender to your kitchen.

Ease of use.

A number of smoothie makers out there are easy to operate, and this implies that anyone can use them to make a smoothie. In fact, you’ll only have to place your ingredients inside the machine, put the lid and press the start button. Within a few minutes, your smoothie will be ready, and you can put it into a clean glass and enjoy! Again, most blenders usually come equipped with a dispensing tap to pour out your smoothie straight from the container. They also feature a stirring stick to help you mix your ingredients seamlessly.

It gives a greater control of your favorite ingredients.

Even though you are allowed to purchase pre-made smoothies, the advantage of making your own that feature all fresh and essential ingredients cannot be ignored. Aside from this, you know exactly what you are drinking. Best smoothies are made using all natural, real and nutrient-rich ingredients that offer the much-needed vitamins, fibers, proteins, minerals, and oils thus guaranteeing a more all-rounded nutrition. By having a smoothie maker in your kitchen, you’ll have the opportunity to include all the essential nutrients that allow you to create a complete food source that promotes healthy living.

When you have blender at your disposal, you can always make a particular smoothie according to the prevailing conditions. For instance, on a hot day, you can easily make a cold and satisfying smoothie that features some ice cream! Finally, you’ll always feel happy and satisfied after making a nutritious smoothie for yourself rather than buying the pre-made ones.

Having a smoothie make in your kitchen gives you increased cooking flexibility.

Most people usually stick to a limited selection of ingredients primarily because it’s what they know. Having a blender at your disposal gives you the opportunity to explore and expand your culinary horizons incredibly. Some high-end machines come with useful ideas for recipes. You can make your smoothies as rich, thick and even creamy as you desire! Of course, you can equally search for new ideas online, and you can experiment by trying out different combinations. Simply put, having a smoothie maker in your kitchen opens your door for more greater opportunities, and this is likely to help you to maintain a healthier diet. The highest quality blenders out there have impressive features that make it possible for you to do so much even with the simplest ingredients.

You’ll always blend fairly faster and effortlessly.

As compared to their juicer machine counterparts which are difficult to clean and to operate, blenders are not only easy to clean and use, but guarantees a much faster blending as well. Again, with any blending machine out there, you’ll always have the option to add in as many ingredients as you would love to, including spices, herbs, fresh milk, yogurt, dried fruits among others and make your smoothie nutritious and tasty. It is also imperative to note that blenders are relatively more health-friendly since they allow you to add many non-juicy food components such as papayas, avocados, spinach, kales which is something you may not achieve with juicer machines.

It helps to keep all the ingredients used intact!

When blending vegetables and fruits, you’ll always preserve all the available ingredients. This implies that unlike juicer machines which only extract the juice from the pulp, you’ll get all the ingredients from a particular food. Another noticeable quality of blender machines is that they do not destroy the fiber present in vegetables and fruits. Instead, they carefully chop off the fiber before blending along with the other nutrients. If you were not aware, the fiber content has lots of benefits, including keeping your digestion strong, stabilizes blood glucose levels and may also help lower your risk of a number of chronic diseases.

The Bottom Line.

You have every reason to purchase a smoothie blender. Not only are blending machines easy to use, allows you to create sweet-tasting smoothies, but are equally versatile since they enable users to become creative and combine lots of various ingredients and come up with newer, fresh and exciting flavors. If you really want to stay healthy, smoothie makers are must-have machines.


Smoothie Blending Tips!

Smoothies are good for your immunity. They provide energy, work wonders for natural weight loss and are packed with a broad range of nutrients that have vast health benefits. Smoothies are tasty and wonderful, especially during those harsh sunny days. With a glass of smoothie every morning, you will always feel full and remain alert without feeling deprived. However, the challenge comes in when blending your smoothie. If you are a beginner, you can make a better quality smoothie like a pro with the following tips and tricks.

• Choose ingredients well. High-quality ingredients mean the best quality smoothie. When choosing fruits, pick organic fruits that are at their peak ripeness. Besides, you should make a right balance of both fruits and vegetables. Fruits are rich in fructose unlike vegetables. Additionally, it’s advisable to keep your smoothie simple. Overloading it with a dense list of ingredients can wreak havoc on the final taste especially when you are a beginner.

• Follow the right procedure. There is a procedure for every smoothie maker to follow when blending. Start with liquid, frozen fruits, add-ins, ice and finally fresh fruits.

• Only prefer crushed ice. It doesn’t matter how great your blender is. It is always recommended to use crushed ice. You can use an ice crusher to do this. Alternatively, if you don’t have an ice crusher, you can put them in a plastic bag and crush them into tiny pieces with a rolling pin. To add your favorite flavor, pour smoothie beverage such as nectar, juice or green tea into ice cube trays. Ice should be added last but before fresh fruit. This helps to avoid over-blending your smoothie as it can make it watery instead of icy and frosty.

• Add little liquid and not too much. Less liquid first will save you from over-blending too much fruit. If you over-blend, you risk ending up with a messy smoothie.

 • For extra sweetness, use natural sweeteners. While the sweetness of your smoothie depends on the ingredients you use, some of us would want to make their smoothie sweeter. In such a case, avoid artificial sweeteners instead use natural sweeteners. There is no need to add sugar to your smoothie because fruits have their natural sugars. However, for extra sweetness, the best options to consider include coconut sap crystals, stevia or raw honey. A splash of almond milk can also make your smoothie taste great. When adding sweetener, experiment till you get the right taste.

• In case of too thick smoothie, add small volumes of water, juice or milk. Work your blender to its high speed and blend for up to 20 seconds. For the case of too thin smoothie, add frozen fruit preferably bananas, ice or frozen yogurt.

• Your smoothie can turn out to be too bitter. Oranges and pineapples can elevate the sweetness of your smoothie. Bananas can neutralize smoothie bitterness. Other popular options that can save you from bitter smoothie include vanilla extract or vanilla bean, cacao, agave, or unsweetened cocoa. To avoid bitter smoothie, beware of baby greens because they are slightly bitter than mature ones. Add spinach to neutralize bitterness

• For smoothie that is too sweet, consider adding some frozen lemonade or lemon juice. A balance of citrus fruits can eradicate too much sweetness.

• Avocado is ideal for extra creaminess. Avocado contains a mild natural flavor. Alternatively, you can use ice cream, vanilla yogurt or frozen yogurt then blend for about 20 seconds. Quality smoothie requires a good balance of solid ingredients and liquid to attain maximum texture.

• Have a good smoothie blender. Though a blender is a blender, it is good to select the one you are comfortable with. A good blender combined with great blending skills, tips and tricks is a key to great tasting smoothie.



Tips for Easily Cleaning and Maintenance:

Whether your blender is used every day or just on special occasions, just like every other device in the kitchen a little maintenance every now and then will go a long way to maintain it. Due to stains on the blender after every use, it is recommended to clean it after use. In this article, I’ll be sharing steps to easily clean your blender and also steps you can take for proper maintenance of a blender to help prevent any kind of problems that may arise from using the blender.


What you need

1. Hot or warm water

2. A drop of dish-washing liquid

3. Half a lemon


1. Pour the water into the blender, make sure the blender is filled halfway with either the hot or warm water.

2. Add a drop of dish-washing liquid into the blender.

3. Add half a lemon into the blender.

4. Blend the mixture for about 30 to 40 seconds while holding down the lid.

5. Pour out the mixture and thoroughly rinse the blender with more water.

6. If there are any stubborn stain, you can use either a rough sponge or toothbrush to remove the stain after which you should add water and rinse the blender.

7. After cleaning the blender, turn it upside down over a dry kitchen towel and allow it to dry.


For proper maintenance of a blender, it is advisable that apart from cleaning the blender after each use that you follow the following steps:

1. Make sure the blender is properly assembled before each use.

2. In case if you’re blending large pieces of food you should cut them into smaller chunks before blending it because smaller chunks blend more efficiently and put less stress on the electric motor.

3. When blending make sure you add plenty of liquid to the mixture if you notice that it is too dry because it can easily affect the blades in the blender depending or what you are blending you can add water fruit juice, milk, etc

4. Make sure to thoroughly clean the after each.

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