Ingredients You Should Stop Putting Into Smoothies

Making your favorite smoothie can be done in many ways. You can make it green or fruity or you can customize it with seemingly endless smoothie ingredients and much more. This can be your healthiest breakfast or snack.

However, putting the wrong stuff in can quickly turn your smoothie into a milkshake or a calorie bomb or even worse, a disaster where the taste does not blend in.

Some of the key rules you should adhere to when making your smoothie are; first, make your smoothie at home, blend your ingredients rather
than buying one at the smoothie chain. This will allow you to have control of what you put and the sugar quantities going in.

Secondly, measure the sugar quantities, as you can easily add up to a calorie bomb in your smoothie.

With that said, some ingredients should be skipped out either because they are not as nutritious and healthy or don’t lend a great tasting drink. Here are some of the ingredients to avoid putting into smoothies and why you should skip them.

1. Flavored yogurt

Yogurt is a great source of high-quality calcium and protein but not the flavored ones. The flavored yogurts add sugar which is not a good ingredient.

You should also consider avoiding the use of nonfat yogurt. This means it’s a watery yogurt. Using a little of fat in yogurt will make you feel more satisfied for longer.

2. Canned fruit

It’s usually packed in syrup or juice form. This implies that it makes your smoothie sugary and have a dense calorie.

Moreover, you get less satisfaction in terms of textural boost compared you using frozen fruit.

3. Celery and fennel

Use of green leafs such as spinach goes a long way in helping you balance your smoothie and avoid overdoing the calories. However, the use of some fibrous veggies like fennel, celery, snap peas and string beans don’t blend well. So skip them.

4. Artificial sweeteners

Adding artificial sweeteners can ruin the sugar levels in your smoothie. Using fresh fruit will alternatively act as your natural sweetener.

5. Fruit juice

It’s not bad to use the fruit juice, but you should not overdo it. You can decide to use water rather than juice to thin out your smoothie and
avoid a sugar bomb.

6. Whole nuts

Nuts are a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats and they help keep you full longer. But whole nuts, have a tendency to add a gritty
texture to smoothies.

It is wise to stick with a tablespoon of no-sugar-added almond, natural peanut or soy nut butter.

Other stuff to avoid include:

Chocolate milk, Ice cream and whipped cream as they all contain large quantities of sugar and calories.

Your smoothie should be as healthy and delicious as you want it to be. Some people don’t bother with the sugar and calorie quantities and others, ingredient measurement is everything. Depending on your preferences, making a smoothie should be personal and diet oriented.

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