Reasons to add Greek Yogurt to Smoothies

Greek yogurt is not just a fad. It is a nutrient-packed snack that you can add to your smoothie due to its great content of creaminess and other nutritional values to your body. There is a wide difference between greek and regular yogurt. The main ones include texture and taste, carbohydrates levels, protein composition as well as fat saturation levels. In short, strained yogurt has an upper hand of nutritional benefits required in your body. Here are some of its advantages.

Protein power
Protein is vital for good health. It is essential for cell growth, muscle building and repairing tissues. Additionally, you require more protein to maintain your skin healthy and fight diseases. Greek yogurt is the best way of boosting protein levels especially if you want to avoid heavy foods such as meat.

Contains probiotics that keep you healthy and regular
Greek or strained yogurt is usually packed with probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that helps to improve the immune system and reduce stomach problems such as pain or diarrhea. These bacteria or microorganisms from probiotics live in your intestine, improving your digestive system and keep you healthy.

High calcium level
Calcium is essential in building muscles, bone health and boosting the functions of the vital organs. Greek yogurt has it all. It contains high levels of calcium that your body badly needs. Your body cannot produce calcium by itself and without its sufficiency, you risk to develop osteoporosis. Therefore, it’s no harm to add it to your smoothie to boost your
calcium levels.

It contains potassium
Potassium is vital in your body. It helps to reduce blood pressure and balance sodium levels. It is mandatory to have a proper balance of potassium and sodium in your body. So, greek yogurt will help your body system maintain the required proportions.

It is a recovery food
Greek or strained yogurt is a satisfying and healthy treat after you have had a heavy workout. It does not only keep strong until the next meal, but it also has proteins that can help your body to repair any damage done during the exercise. Additionally, it has amino acids that help to make up proteins and repair fiber damage.

Greek yogurt in your smoothie is healthy. The manufactures drains out excess water, minerals and lactose. Therefore, what is left is creamy yogurt with more carbs, less sugar and tart taste. So, if you are determined to boost your protein, calcium, probiotic levels among others, this will be appropriate.

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